Steps You Should Know To Unblock A Blocked Toilet

By Robbie Buckingham Apr7,2023

Sometimes if your toilet is blocked badly, it can lead to inconvenience and frustration. It is one of the important parts of any facility. Therefore it requires proper maintenance as well. Especially if he was suffering from unblocked toilets, it is time that you take measures to curb the problem. It may be difficult to understand how to unblock a badly blocked toilet. But with proper steps and information, you can eliminate the problem within minutes.

However, you can call the professionals to remove the blocked drains. But before you take the help of plumbers, make sure that you follow these methods to get rid of your blocked toilets.

●    Use A Plunger

Plunger is a common household tool that can help you unclog your toilet. As you place the plunger over your toilet bowl drain, you must press it to create a suction. When you are certain you have already created the needed amount of suction, you must pull the plunger up and down numerous times. Such motion helps to create the suction and pressure that can help you to dislodge the blockage immediately.

●    Dish Soap With Hot Water

When you are suffering from frequent drain blockage, it’s time to try out the most traditional cleaning method. Especially in a large pot, you need to boil water and add a few drops of soap. You need to pour that hot water into the toilet bowl from a particular height of about your waist. The soap and the hot water can help you to break the blockage while clearing your toilet.

●    Plumbing Snake

If the first two methods do not do much, then it is time that you try out the plumbing snake. At the same time, you need to know what is a drain liner to protect your dream from getting blocked. Moreover, as you insert the plumbing snake into your clogged toilet, it helps to break down the blockage and remove it. It is an effective method to clean your dream and get away with the blockage.

●    Chemical Cleaner

A chemical drain cleaner may be the Last resort that you want to take. However, when you are using the chemical drain cleaner, make sure that you follow proper instructions. At the same time, you must also use it carefully. Since it contains Harsh chemicals that may harm the environment and people, a person must be careful while using the chemical drain cleaner. One must wear eyewear and protective gloves while working with such drain cleaners.

Given these methods, you can also try the baking soda and vinegar solution. When the mixture starts to fizz, you must immediately flush the toilet. It can dissolve the blockage due to its acidic state.

Final Thoughts

These methods can help you to unblock your toilet efficiently. However, in certain cases, the blockage becomes extremely heavy. In those cases, you must take the help of professionals. But before you call out for the professionals, you must try these methods.

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