How Bronia Buchanan’s BBA Management Spurs Neelam Bakshi’s On-Screen Success

By Robbie Buckingham Jun6,2023

Neelam Bakshi, an accomplished actress known for her roles in TV shows, films, and animated shorts, credits her success to the support of London-based talent agency, BBA Management, headed by founder and senior agent Bronia Buchanan.

Bakshi, who hails from India and has a background in dance and theatre, has aced notable TV appearances in hits like the smash comedy-drama streaming series Ted Lasso and the BBC crime thriller Better.

Her acting journey started in India when she was approached to perform in a play after being spotted in a dance presentation. She later moved to the UK, where she continued to pursue her passion for acting. However, it wasn’t until she joined Equity, the British trade union for the performing arts and entertainment industries, that she was able to land her first agent.

“I was with a different agent … and they were closing,” Bakshi recalls. “I think the time was right for me to go on further … My previous agent gave us a few names and I looked into that and applied to three places. I actually went personally [to BBA] to drop off my CV and photographs. I got a call a day or two later asking me to go and meet them. They accepted me and I was so delighted.”

Ever since, BBA Management has been instrumental in helping Bakshi land roles in some of her favourite projects. The agency has been supportive of the actress throughout the casting process.

Neelam Bakshi’s On-Screen Success with Bronia Buchanan

How BBA Management Supports Neelam Bakshi

The casting process has become increasingly centred online, and many auditions now take place over Zoom or involve recording a tape. After receiving a script, Bakshi records herself reading the lines, and the BBA team checks her tape before sending it on to the casting team. When a role is secured, BBA Management takes care of all the contractual aspects.

Bronia Buchanan and BBA Management’s Philosophy and Success Stories

Under Bronia Buchanan’s guidance, BBA’s experienced team of agents has provided comprehensive support to many clients, leading to exciting and transformative career opportunities.

And no wonder, with Bronia Buchanan at the helm. Buchanan has been embedded in the creative arts since her years of theatre production experience at Hammersmith Apollo and Apollo Leisure/Barry Clayman Concerts, among others. She was also a founding partner of Arden Entertainment LLP and founded End of the Pier Productions. As far as educational qualifications, Buchanan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature and a postgraduate diploma in arts management from the University of Surrey.

BBA Management’s clients have had numerous successes, and Bakshi is no exception. “The team is wonderful,” says Bakshi. “They’re very supportive. They’re caring. They’re respectful and they’re extremely professional. And they’re very busy. But even if they’re busy, they have time. Initially, we used to meet frequently just to see where we were at … They’re very mindful of what I want to do and they push me in every direction … I was very impressed with Bronia and her team.”

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