Different Cool Features To Include In Your Office Design

When fitting out a new office space or refurbishing an existing one, you want to take your time designing the area and ensure you do the best job possible for your business. There are features you can add to your office that can help make it more comfortable for your employees, making them happier in their roles and more productive. You can include various cool design features in your design plans, which can also create an excellent first impression when you have visitors. Below are some options you may want to include in your new office design that can be functional, fantastic-looking, and practical options for your office space.

Stylish & Private Meetings Rooms

When designing an office and you need a meeting space, consider creating a meeting room with switchable glass partitions. These glass partitions look stylish and are perfect for a modern office, and when you need privacy, with the touch of a button, you can change the glass panels from transparent to opaque. They are a more costly option, but a meeting room with switchable glass partitioning can help you create an excellent first impression when you have visitors.

Informal Meeting Pods

Another option which is increasing in popularity is using meeting pods in the workplace, which take less room and are more intimate. They are available in a wide selection of styles, designs, colours, and materials, and they can be an excellent addition to your workplace. However, one drawback with these is that because of their size and intimacy, they are usually suitable for a maximum of four people, although this may suit your needs.

Standing Desks

Another option to consider is allowing your employees to use a standing desk while they work, which lots of people like. Workers will often rotate from a sitting desk to a standing one throughout the day, as standing desks help keep the circulation going and the muscles working. If you consider including some standing desks in your office design, ensure they are adjustable so people of all sizes can use them comfortably.

A Relaxation Zone

It is also an excellent idea to create an area in your office where your employees can relax and chill when they are on their lunch or break. You can install sleeping pods so they can take a power nap before going back to work, or bean bags are another option. You can also include games in the area, which is common, such as:

  • A Games Console
  • Pool Table
  • Table Tennis
  • Table Football
  • Arcade Machines

Ask your employees what they want to have in their relaxing area, and you may get some excellent ideas that are feasible and affordable, which will make your employees happy.

Make The Paintwork Pop

Something else you can do that can have a profound affect on your employees is ensuring the colour scheme for your office space pops and can inspire your workers to be more productive. There has been much research into the psychology of colour and the way it affects people in the workspace, and it can help make employees mote attentive, creative, and productive. For more details on the psychology of colour and how it affects employees, click here.