Decode your Valentine’s Message by counting the Roses in the Bouquet

“What might this mean?” call it a “Girl’s thing,” but we girls always try to find things beyond the veil, especially when it comes to the love of our life. No wonder you are on the case and trying to decode the message from that beautiful bouquet of roses you received from your valentine.

To add an entity in the rose’s symbolism, there’s also something with the number of roses you receive. The old saying goes, the number of roses you receive from your love holds a hidden meaning. Now ain’t that the best thing since sliced bread?

So here you go, girl, sit tight and let’s decode it right.

1 – You still are the one to him, since that love at first sight.

3 – They mean the three words you always want to hear “I Love You.”

6 – Girl, he’s into you; he wants to be yours.

10 – You’re just flawless to him, the perfection he admires.

12 – The mini proposal to “be mine.”

13 – A little conflictual, he could be your secret admirer or just your friend forever.

15 – Ahh, you just received an apology you were waiting for; they mean “I’m sorry,” if you were not waiting for one, maybe it is a sign to take that as a credit for future remorse.

20 – Relax, babe, this guy is all yours and dedicated to you. Maybe you should have to stop spying on him no more.

25 – Well, well, “Congratulations!” is all it means. Now it’s time to figure out why you were congratulated.

50 – That big bouquet, all red and bushy just means, his love knows no bounds, just like his wallet. He’s just all yours forever and ever.

Now that you decoded the message, you must either be over the moon or down in the dumps if you’re in low spirits just because you haven’t received the number of roses you wanted from that flower delivery. Well, then, my lady, just know these flowers were a sign of love from your valentine. The message you decoded through the number of stems you received right now could be more likely an unintentional message from your significant other, who is unaware of this theory.

Let this go for this time, but just to make sure you receive the desired message next time, share the hidden meanings of the count of roses with the love of your life. Definitely, you won’t get disappointed next time, or maybe he could make an arrangement to make up for this time by adding a few more roses to your already beautiful bouquet if you mean a lot to him.

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