6 Tips on How to Achieve a Transitional Bathroom

By Robbie Buckingham Aug10,2021

The term transitional bathroom may not be as popular as other bathroom styles, but it is more common than you think. You may have seen one before without realising it, as it has been around for a long time. Transitional bathrooms may refer to those with a mixed style, like vintage or classic and modern. It may also refer to a style that makes it functional and safe for future use, even when you are older. You can achieve this bathroom style with the tips below.

Install a modern shower enclosure

A frameless shower enclosure is a perfect choice for a transitional bathroom. It’s both contemporary and efficient to use even with old age. The seamless feel gives it a modern look. It also provides that open vibe since it’s made of glass. Because it doesn’t have a door, you can conveniently get in and out of the shower area. It is ideal for every age and even for those with mobility problems. The enclosure effectively stops water from splashing all over the bathroom, keeping the other parts dry and preventing slipping. You may also add a bench and footstool inside the enclosure for added comfort and support.

Add a Victorian-style bathtub

Since you have the modern touch of the shower enclosure, an excellent way to add the vintage part is to have a Victorian-style freestanding bathtub. Its distinct claw feet gives that aristocratic feel that will take you back to the Victorian era. Since it’s freestanding, you can put it in a convenient spot in your bathroom as long as the plumbing supports it.

Include a mix of contemporary and vintage decors

The enclosure and bathtub serve as the focal points of your bathroom, and these two make the bathroom transitional. However, you don’t have to stop there. If you are looking to add more decors, mix them as well. Pick vintage or classic-looking decors, and combine them with contemporary ones to achieve that style.

Have ample storage and make them stylish

Since a transitional bathroom is also about convenience and functionality, have ample storage by having cabinets to store bathroom items and medicines. Add style to them by turning them into floating cabinets or shelves. Go for a wood finish to have that classic and homey feel, or go all white or dark for the contemporary look.

Replace your bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures include lightings and faucets. You can also mix the styles by getting modern and classic ones. While at it, choose those that are energy-saving too. With this, you will achieve the transitional bathroom style while saving money on power. Lower energy consumption also means lower electric bills.

Upgrade the countertop and flooring

Marble countertops are popular choices for transitional bathrooms. They are modern and luxurious at the same time. When it comes to the flooring, consider a matte finish. It’s stylish and safe at the same time as it prevents slipping.

Enjoy both worlds of classic and contemporary with a transitional bathroom design. Mix and match bathroom appliances, decors, and fixtures to achieve this.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/bath-bathroom-green-tile-3622540/

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