How Long Are Cats Pregnant For?

How long are cats pregnant for?

A cat is pregnant for approximately 60 – 70 days. On an average, it tends to last for 9 weeks. During the gestation period, the cat manifests various behavioral and physical changes. Normally, you would find them become less active during this time. Some of them tend to be aggressive to protect themselves.

What To Expect

Cat owners need to be aware of what to expect during this time in order to understand what your pet is going through. During the gestation period, cat owners should ensure that they give proper attention, time and also nutrition for normal delivery.

Cats go into heat every several weeks during many months of the year and during this time, they can become pregnant. If the female mates with more than one male during a 24-hour period, the resulting litter may have more than one father. Knowing how long cats are pregnant will allow the family to prepare for the new kittens.

A cat can become pregnant as soon as it experiences its first heat cycle. In some cats, this is as young as four months, while it can be one year in others. It is advisable not to breed the cat during its first heat cycle because many young cats do not make good mothers. The feline maternal instinct seems to be more developed when the cat is at least one year old.

A pregnant cat will develop swollen pink nipples approximately three weeks after mating. The cat will then begin to gain weight and will eat more as the due date approaches. The animal may become more affectionate with its human owners and will begin building a nest to serve as the delivery and caretaking area. A cat may have between one to eight kittens in a litter, but the average is three to five.

The cat will be pregnant for approximately 65 days and can get pregnant again any time after giving birth. Pregnant cats should be fed special cat foods that are high in calcium, protein, and calories. The owner should take the feline to the vet as soon as he or she discovers that the cat is pregnant. The vet will usually recommend that an outdoor cat remain indoors during the term of the pregnancy.

Children and pets should not be allowed to play roughly with a pregnant cat. Poking the cat’s belly during pregnancy can cause the animal to miscarry the kittens. The cat should be allowed plenty of time to rest and store its energy for the impending delivery. The owner can prepare a kitten delivery box containing a soft bottom and an enclosed top.

When the owners know how long cats are pregnant, they are better able to prepare for the birth. They can use the 65-day pregnancy period to schedule the required vet visits, get the cat on the proper diet, and prepare a delivery box. The cat will spend its time eating, sleeping, and sometimes being more affectionate than usual. When delivery day comes, the mother cat and the human owners can share in the birth of the new kittens.

It is also important to ensure your cat is well taken care of.

Just by looking at your pet, you cannot determine how long she is pregnant. It is also difficult to determine the exact delivery date as we might not know when the cat has exactly become pregnant. However, certain behavioral changes clearly indicate at what stage of gestation she is in.

Gestational changes in the female:

• The female cat tends to spew at her partner after she is pregnant. Also, she starts hissing when other cats approach her. Cat owners tend to think that their pet has become very aggressive during this period if they are not aware that she is pregnant.
• The female cat would eats more food and expects frequents meals to be fed during the day. Sometimes, they would be attracted to foods that they have never eaten or have been resisting before.
• The abdomen tends to bloat and they also become fatter, especially in the middle portion of their body.
• The nipples tend to become pinkish in color and are soft to touch. They protrude out while they prepare to deliver their young ones.
• Female cats preen themselves often and tend to sleep longer.
• Some cats vomit in the morning just like women exhibit morning sickness when they are pregnant.
• The cat would try to seek more attention from the owner and mellow and purr frequently. It is very common to see them hovering around the legs of the owner or prefer sleeping on their lap than on the floor.
• During the last stages of gestation, the female cat starts scouting for corners or hidden areas, and she looks for a secure place to deliver the kittens. This is a clear indication that she is about to deliver anytime.
• When the female cat goes into labor, she would feel completely insecure staying alone and hence, she would start following the owner everywhere.