By Robbie Buckingham Jun7,2022

A major segment among household maintenance components is Rubbish removal. With almost every action in the household leading up to scrap and waste products, be it clothes that you have outgrown/wore out or leftovers from last night’s dinner and everything in between. Every household accumulates GARBAGE, and the improper management of this waste not only ends up in a disgusting visual but pollutes the area around itself, takes up space, and even becomes a breeding ground for a variety of diseases.

While the easiest and most commonly practiced method of waste removal has been dumping everything into a black bag and throwing it off at your nearest landfill, although convenient, the method is unhygienic, unsafe, and impractical. It must not be practiced as a responsible citizen of the society. We have listed down for you a few ways you can remove rubbish, albeit in a responsible way.

Ways to Get Rid of Rubbish from Home (Responsibly)

DON’T RUSH: What people must realize is that garbage removal must not be a monthly or bi-monthly family activity where all members are forced to have fun decluttering the entire household in a day. Instead, every member must focus on their respective rooms and dedicate a few minutes every day to clear off any junk they might have accumulated.

BE DECISIVE: Often, in the process of getting rid of garbage, we come across stuff that evokes emotions owing to the memories attached to it. It is during this process that we find and feel for the pettiest of items and grow reluctant to part ways with them. While a few commodities indeed must be cherished for a lifetime. One must be extremely realistic and rational when the debate arises.

DIVIDE AND DIFFERENTIATE: Now, all things are not meant to be dumped; start your garbage removal process with three baskets/containers labeled each as keep, donate, and throw. Differentiate and drop off carefully while trying your best to keep the ‘keep basket’ the least filled. Get in touch with a local orphanage, old age home, or other such organizations to donate stuff that you have had filled into the ‘donate basket’ while what to do with the last one is self-explanatory.

EARN OUT OF WASTE: Most commodities you are planning to ‘throw away’ may be outdated and of no use to you. A lot of it could still be in demand and could be sold for a profit. Maybe, not for the price you bought it at, but who hates a few extra bucks, especially when you earn it out of something you were going to get rid of anyways. Make use of online stores and reselling apps/websites and sell your products to someone who might need it. Remember the age-old phrase, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ Well, what better time to put it to use.

BE RATIONAL: Contrary to point 3, you must not hold onto everything and ruin your garbage removal process. It is equally important not to rush with things and dump away from a piece of memory that you are later going to regret and cry over.

BE AN ARDENT ORGANIZER: While it is important to declutter and clear off waste from your household. An easy way to make the task less tiresome and recurring is simply to organize how you manage your home. Keep things tidy daily. Make cleanliness a habit, put in a little extra effort until you get used to it, and voila, you will rarely fall into a similar situation in the future where you would have to stress over getting rid of your junk all at once.

PROPER DISPOSAL: While you are almost over with, the REMOVAL of garbage. It is equally important to dispose of it off in a proper manner. Rent a dumpster or get in touch with GARBAGE COLLECTION/DISPOSAL service providers. Find out the nearest dumping yards if you plan to do it yourself. Take necessary health and sanitation precautions for the same.

HIRE PROFESSIONALS: With all the tips in place, one might, for a variety of reasons, be unable to remove garbage out of their homes. Be it for time constraints, lack of helping hands, or simply being lazy. While carrying out the process yourself is a habit one must cultivate. Hiring a garbage removal service is the easiest and smoothest way to get things done. Especially if you are in a rush to get things done before, for instance, a function coming up or new residents moving in. No matter how well planned and executed your self-cleaning endeavors are, one cannot match the efficiency and perfection of trained professionals. Go for hiring a GARBAGE REMOVAL service if you have years of waste piling up and/or need the process to be done within a stipulated amount of time.

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